A new way of seeing


Human inspections can only go so far as people are often limited when it comes to heights or confined spaces.

Utilizing the latest aerial robotic technologies, LJUNGSTRÖM has revolutionized inspection and maintenance processes to reduce the downtime and costs of non-destructive inspections for the energy and utility industries.


LJUNGSTRÖM drone inspections digitally record the condition of equipment and structures at close proximity and from every angle, enabling detailed audit and inspection without a single person having to put on a safety harness. Data is collected and relayed for assessment, in real time, to highly trained service engineers, allowing quick and efficient identification and resolution of problems, with minimal disruption to operations.


We own and operate our specialized drone technology, delivering high-resolution data and imagery of your facility faster, cheaper, and safer than previously possible. Our advanced technology allows us to get close to plant and equipment with zero risk of collision damage to our drone or your equipment.

Quick Deployment


Save Time and Money


Avoid Hazards and Risks



LJUNGSTRÖM’s drones can be deployed very quickly and capture the necessary imagery in difficult-to-reach locations much faster than any human could. A typical drone inspection can be completed in only a few hours, depending on the size of the plant.


  • Inspections completed in a very short outage time
  • Eliminate time required for assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, lighting, and specialized access provisions
  • Reduced management of people and equipment


Traditional inspections can take days or weeks to identify, plan, schedule, and execute. Our specialized drone technology provides a cost effective inspection solution that saves time and money.


  • Faster inspection time compared to traditional methods
  • Reduced planning, setup and execution costs
  • Pre-maintenance inspection ensures optimal resource allocation


Without a doubt, inspections with LJUNGSTRÖM drone technology are far safer than traditional, hands-on inspections. A wide range of hazards and risks can be avoided, especially when working at height, in hazardous or contaminated areas, or in confined spaces.


  • Reduction or elimination of working at heights
  • Minimizes exposure to hazardous conditions
  • Access to confined spaces

Higher Detail of Information

Our trained service engineers have the skill and experience to fly close to your assets and identify and diagnose problems quickly. Depending on the scope of the inspection flight mission, you will receive video, still images, and thermal data, with all the relevant information displayed – such as time stamp, position and alignment – for easy post-processing.


  • Improve your analysis processes with coordinated, high-quality, quick to process images and actionable data.
  • Visually identify, quantify and record critical equipment condition in high-resolution, including cracks, corrosion, holes, or excessive wear and tear.
  • Add value to planned shutdowns and maintenance with written reports and narratives that give you the data to fully plan and budget outages.