Gas-Gas Heaters

Gas-Gas Heaters


The development of the APH into a GGH was headed by LJUNGSTRÖM engineers in the 1970s and we continue to be the world leaders; our gas-gas heaters operate globally in coal and oil fired plants, with all major types of FGD and SCR processes.


Our genuine Ljungström® gas-gas heaters have an unrivaled track record of the highest availability, with trouble-free operation. Experience affords us the advantage of being able to offer proven product configurations to meet the requirements of each installation, with materials and auxiliary systems specially selected to offer the highest product quality.


A tailored sealing system is provided, to restrict the contamination of clean gas and to ensure that the air pollution control system achieves the required environmental limits.


The Ljungström gas-gas heater has an impressive operating pedigree of more than 30,000,000 hours, with over 500 units installed globally.