Air Preheaters

Air Preheaters


Our genuine Ljungström® air preheaters are recognized by end users around the world as the best products of their type.


The first Ljungström air preheater on a commercial boiler reduced fuel consumption by as much as 25%. In modern utility boilers, the Ljungström air preheater contributes up to 20% of the overall boiler efficiency while representing only a fraction of the total investment.


Engineered to our proven design standards and constructed with minimal installation costs, our APH will operate over extended periods, with a durable, uninterrupted service.  The Ljungström air preheater is more widely used than any other rotary heat exchanger in the steam generating industry. This is due, in part, to:

  • high thermal effectiveness and proven performance
  • advanced heat transfer surfaces
  • bi-, tri- and quad-sector duct configurations
  • rotor and sealing system options with effective leakage control
  • outstanding reliability and availability
  • compact design