LJUNGSTRÖM is proud to be making a powerful impact on the industries where we operate, helping to optimize the performance of thermal power plants, industrial boilers, combustion and extractive processes around the world.

Power Generation



Electric power and steam generating plants use our complete range of Ljungström air preheater products in a wide range of combustion technologies:


  • Pulverized coal
  • Fluidized bed combustion
  • Oil and gas firing

Emissions Control


Emissions Control

Our Ljungström gas-gas heater products are used in environmental air quality control systems (AQCS) for the removal of SOx and NOx. These systems include wet FGD and tail end SCR scrubbers.

When a high dust SCR is installed upstream of the Ljungström air preheater, our equipment is configured with special provisions to accommodate the conditions imposed by the SCR plant.

Petrochemical & Refineries


Oil Refinery Plant in filed

Petroleum refineries, hydrocarbon and chemical processes use our smaller, bi-sector Ljungström air preheater equipment for heat recovery on a wide range of plant configurations.

Pulp & Paper


Pulp and Paper

The energy intensive pulp and paper industry utilizes our Ljungström air preheaters in a wide-range of steam generator technologies and fuel types to generate power and steam for the process.

Industrial Power & Steam


Industrial Power

A large number of industrial applications using small package or large industrial boilers have adopted Ljungström air preheaters to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.




Smaller, bi-sector Ljungström air preheaters are widely used in large maritime vessels that utilize marine, oil fired boilers.